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DFI has significant experience in the development of high quality, media rich, interactive digital content for both the K-12 and Corporate Training markets. We have been active in the development of interactive content for education using a variety of technologies for the last ten years. Adobe Flash is an extremely effective technology for developing highly interactive content and is very well suited for the K-12 education market. We are developing an in-house expertise in HTML5 also, which has become a “hot-topic” with many Ministries of Education despite the fact that it is not yet a fully stable and standard platform for development.

Ultimately it is our clients that tend to determine the technology we use in developing content as this will depend on their target audience, the platform technology they are using, timeline and cost.

Our in-house content development team includes Subject Matter Experts in math, science and languages, Instructional Designers, Graphic Artists and Content Integrators. Our team is supplemented by external Audio Talents although we have in-house expertise in this area as well.

DFI has also worked on a number of projects that included a requirement to digitise and enrich textbook print programs. We have worked with a number of customer developed book readers as well as developing our own book reader in Adobe Flash technology. The original file formats we have worked with include Quark Express, Adobe InDesign and Adobe PDF. Once digitised the next step involves mapping and embedding relevant enrichments in each of the textbooks which can then be made available for access online on a Content Management System hosted by a school, school group or district or Ministry of Education.

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