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DFI adapts and develops solutions in partnership with our clients that supports the e-Learning lifecycle and that have the ultimate aim, through technological advances, of transforming the quality of teaching and learning. We work together to help students and teachers cultivate what are commonly referred to as the 4Cs: critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity. The use of technology helps promote and instill the 4C's through the globalization, digitization, and individualization of education.

  • Globalization improves communication and collaboration among students and teachers. We must investigate the content, technology, and instructional methods of the most academically successful nations. Additionally, we must develop in students a sense of global awareness and citizenship. These steps will increasingly force students to listen effectively, use a wide range of communication methods, utilize technologies, and communicate in diverse environments in order to succeed against and in collaboration with their global peers. We must also help educate and train teachers by providing sustained support and resources to help them maintain a globally relevant classroom.

  • Digitization improves critical thinking and problem solving. Today's students are digital natives, and the world around them requires the technological skills they're developing outside of school through videogames, chat clients, virtual worlds, and various social media outlets. If we don't innovate their learning experience by integrating technology into instruction, the academic environment will lose out to the real-world environment with which they're constantly interacting. Digitization also revolutionizes communication and collaboration for teachers and administrators.

  • Individualization improves creativity. No two students have identical needs. One of the major challenges facing teachers is how to engage with an entire classroom where individual students have different learning styles and paces. The challenge for teachers is twofold—to identify the needs of each individual learner, and to support teachers in ways that enable them to address the needs of each individual learner. In achieving this students will have an increased chance of reaching their full potential, of exploring their diverse strengths and needs, of building self-confidence, and, consequently, of expressing their creativity by generating innovative individual and collaborative ideas.

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