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DFI has been an early pioneer of Mobility solutions with our ERP offerings including mobile-based applications and services since 1998, and our consumer services solutions winning us the Microsoft Best Mobility Solution-Partner of the Year in 2001.

With the latest advances in technology and the accelerated adoption of new device formats such as Smartphone and Tablet (Apple iPad, Google Android), DFI engaged in the development of advanced solutions benefiting from the capabilities of the new platforms.

DFI’s team currently supports three mobile platforms:

  • Apple iOS
  • Google Android
  • Microsoft Windows Phone

DFI’s strategy for mobile apps development is twofold:

  • Business Apps

    Business Applications such as Finance, Salesforce Automation, Hospital Floor Management, and field applications, are developed using the native platform support (e.g. Objective-C for Apple iOS, C# for Microsoft WP7)

  • eLearning Content

    • Current development is done using the Adobe Air as a cross-platform runtime and covers content targeted for the Apple iPad and Google Android-based devices.

    • Future development will increasingly adopt HTML5 as the foundation. While we have successfully built proof-of-concepts using HTML5, the current lack of Standard and the limited functionality of existing tools are heavily impacting the productivity associated with such an exercise and limiting its suitability for large projects.
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